About Redexim

At Redexim, we believe in developing strong long-term relationships with our customers. Trust and respect are therefore core values, as well as our commitment to guarantee and live up to our value promise. It is our mission to not only meet customer expectations but to exceed them. This has made Redexim, a world leader in turf maintenance equipment.

The Redexim philosophy is one of constant development. This is evident in the quality and functionality of everything we produce.

The development of our innovative, world-renowned Verti-Drain® aerator in 1980 has changed the technique and process of soil aeration across the world, making the Verti-Drain® aerator the ‘must use’ for greenkeepers, groundsmen, contractors, and landscapers & gardeners in their battle to aid and improve turf growth, even in challenging environments

Over the years, the innovative Verti-Drain® has been joined by a complete range of other market-leading machines, such as overseeders, top dressers, renovation equipment, and a comprehensive range of synthetic turf maintenance machinery.

Through our continuous engagement with our global customers, we ensure that we fully understand their demands, requirements, specific working conditions, and desires. Next to an excellent value for money, this enables considerable savings in time and money.

To complement our broad range of tier-1 products, we also offer the leading after-sales and service programs in our industry. This includes a worldwide distribution network, that guarantees the availability of spare parts to keep your equipment running at all times, and reduces potential downtimes, if they may occur.

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Product Videos

The Verti-Drain® 7215 is well suited to lower HP tractors, the compact yet capable allows for aeration to a depth of 10′”/ 25 cm on the more sensitive of turf areas. The 7215 is particularly popular on golf tees, greens and approaches due to its nimbleness.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Accepts a broad range of tine options

The redesigned Overseeder 3D 1575 features an all-new seed delivery mechanism with single-point adjustment. The tough discs cut grooves in the soil for seed to be accurately placed before the roller closes the groove to cover the seed. This durable seeder is well suited to a range of surface types.

  • Excellent germination rates
  • Adjustable seed aperature for a range of seed types
  • Digital meter

The Verti-Cut 1600 is the ideal deep scarification tool, the 2mm (0.07″) wide blades work to a depth of 50mm (1.9″). The front roller not only allows the Verti-Cut to cope with undulations but also controls the working depth with precision. Blade spacing can be changed with the optional spacer kit.

  • Can cover up to 8.000m2/h (86.112ft2/h
  • Infinitely adjustable working depth
  • Changeable blade spacing
  • Durable carbide tipped blades as standard

The Multi-Sport combination implement tool offers many features in one unit. The integrated Slitter, Rake, Roller and Brush can be adjusted to varying depths or taken out of use as conditions require. The Multi-Sport is very popular in sport fields, municipalities and grassroot sport areas.

  • Many tools in one unit
  • Weight trays on slitter and roller
  • Intergrated storage legs

The Turf-Tidy sweeping option sets the machine up to sweep and collect on a range of surfaces, the brush can be set lightly to prevent damage on turf surface while collecting. The optional caster wheels should be considered when using the Turf-Tidy as a sweeper on hard surfaces.

  • Large hopper capacity
  • High-tip emptying hopper
  • Interchangeable rotors